Offering Thanks and Support this Caregiver Appreciation Month

November is National Family Caregiver Appreciation Month, a time for recognizing and honoring the vital work of family caregivers.

This theme was well articulated by the White House, in making its 2022 National Family Caregiver Month proclamation:

Family caregivers are the backbone of our Nation’s long-term care system, doing essential work with devotion, often at great emotional and financial cost.  We owe them.  It is time to bring their service out of the shadows and celebrate and support them in living their own happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Roughly one in seven American adults are caregivers. A 2018 Pew Research study found that on average they dedicate about 80 minutes per day helping friends or loved ones receive the care they need.

We know firsthand that caregivers in the Adult Family Care program go above and beyond the norm, providing 24/7 support for family who cannot live alone due to a medical diagnosis.

Adult Family Care is dedicated to helping those families succeed, by providing compensation, training, and ongoing support. We care deeply about our mission, and are gratified that 98% of caregivers who responded to our most recent customer survey indicated the program gives them the tools, knowledge, and support to be a responsible caregiver.

Thank you again family caregivers, for the vital work you do in our community. We recognize and appreciate your contributions throughout the entire year.

Adult Family Care is a mission-driven nonprofit that helps more than 220 eligible adults across the Greater Boston Area receive the best care at home, by providing training, compensation, and ongoing support for live-in caregivers. For more information call 617-440-0987, email or visit