Looking for Care in a Family-Based Setting?

Helping people care for a loved one at home is central to our mission at Adult Family Care (AFC). But sometimes we help by introducing qualified caregivers to those who need live-in support.

Jeanne Leyden is director of Adult Family Care, the Adult Foster Care program at Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services

We are a MassHealth-funded, non-profit program that specializes in helping caregivers succeed. We know many experienced live-in caregivers and have an extensive review process to ensure the match is happy and safe.

Our program serves people 16+, unable to live alone, and have a chronic medical or psychiatric diagnosis requiring assistance with at least on Activity of Daily Living (such as bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring between positions, ambulating, eating). The people receiving care must either be MassHealth/Medicaid eligible (Standard, CommonHealth, SCO, One Care) or able to pay privately.

The following caregivers have been vetted, and are willing to open their homes to somebody who needs care in a community setting:

Dorchester – Female: Lives with cousin & nephew. Speaks Haitian-Creole & English. Is a RN currently working as a visiting nurse p/t. Prefers clients be 19yrs+. Bedroom is on 2nd floor.

Dorchester – Female: Lives with adult daughters. Previous work experience as a RN and caring for a disabled daughter. Bedroom is on 2nd floor.

Hyde Park – Female: Lives with husband. Speaks English & Spanish. Has experience caring for elderly family members. Was a children’s foster care provider for 10yrs. Works at a daycare. Bedrooms are on 1st floor. There are five steps into the home. Client must have ADH.

Lynn – Female: Lives with husband and daughter. Currently works in a residential facility and has experience working with individuals with hearing and/or vision impairment. Bedroom is on the first floor.

 Revere – Male: Lives with wife & 2 daughters (17 & 25). Speaks Swahili & English. Previous AFC Host. Works at a group home. Prefers younger client(s). Bedrooms are on 1st & 2nd floors.

Woburn – Female: Lives with daughter & close female friend (24). Provides care to an AFC Participant. Speaks English & Spanish. Bedroom is on 1st floor. There are 5 steps into the home.

If you think any of the above caregivers could be a match, or you wish to learn more about our program, contact AFC Social Work Manager Nina Cohen at 617-628-2601, ext. 3100 or via email at ncohen@eldercare.org.

Jeanne Leyden is Director of Adult Family Care, a non-profit program at Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services that supports in-home caregivers across the Greater Boston, North Shore, and Merrimack Valley areas. For more information, visit adultfamilycare.org or call 617-628-2601.