Celebrating Caregivers

November is National Caregivers Month. This year’s theme is Care Comes Home which is a perfect fit for the Adult Family Care (AFC) program, as our mission is to help people receive high quality care at home. To celebrate caregivers month, AFC staff wrote stories about caregivers in our program who’ve inspired them. Alicia* is one such caregiver.

Alicia is twenty-four years old, caring for her mother Camilla, who has Lupus.  The toughest moments of caring for Camilla happen overnight, when the Lupus causes chronic join and sleeplessness. To comfort her mother and help her sleep, Alicia sleeps in the same room and wakes up several times to massage her mom’s joints and help her rest.

While being a caregiver, Alicia is also pursuing an education in nursing. Despite her young age, Alicia is extremely dedicated, hard-working, and shows kindness to herself and others. She shows a maturity that greatly surpasses her age.

We salute you, Alicia, and the many caregivers who give of themselves in order to make the lives of those they care for better.

*Names have been changed for privacy.

This word cloud represents some of the many admirable qualities we see our caregivers exude each day.

Caregiver Inspiration Words